Case Studies

Our clients range from small businesses to large corporations, Local Authorities, churches and schools. Here are two examples* of how we help them: (*Please note that due to client confidentiality we can’t mention their names)

Client 1

We supplied a firm of solicitors with a networked colour copier/printer/scanner when they set up their practice in 2013.  Since then, their business has expanded so they needed another machine to cope with their print volume.


We visited the firm, looked at their current contract and evaluated their requirements. We were able to give them a plan with an additional machine for only slightly more than they’d been paying for one machine. Despite it being a new contract they are not tied in so they can still upgrade the older machine at any time without penalty.

Client 2

After reading about a large company opening a new office in Nottingham, we contacted them to see if they needed our help with their printing. The office has high print volumes and the company specifically needed a flexible solution and to keep costs down.


We wrote a plan for them that included printers, copiers and scanners.   The Total Volume Plan agreement means they only pay for the pages they produce.  They have no capital outlay and they aren’t tied into a lease, which means they can take advantage of changes in their requirements or technology and upgrade at any point.  The customer simply pays an agreed amount per page which includes the machines, parts, labour and toners etc.   No hidden charges!

To find out how we can help you, please contact us with details of your current contract and your print requirements or give us a call on 0800 553 5101.